Buying from Taranis: a unique experience

Get acquainted

Taranis is a digital platform for finding the perfect match, and we cater to every taste. Whether it’s elegance you’re after, something more muscular, or a sleek and sporty look—we’ll help you find the perfect set of wheels!

Find what fits

Enter your car details, and we’ll show you the wheels that fit, as well as a compatible range of tyres to choose from. You can order “off menu” if you like, but we don’t recommend it: wheel and tyre sizes are strictly regulated.

Have a closer look

Using our visual configurator, you’ll see the model of your car with a mounted set of wheels that you select. This makes it fun and easy to find your perfect match!


Don’t worry about the many factors involved in determining whether a certain wheel can be mounted on a certain car. Trust Taranis to know what works and what doesn’t. We know just how difficult it is to mount tyres on expensive, premium wheels. It’s a process that requires close attention and loads of experience, and Taranis knows how to do things right. We can guarantee that you’ll have a complete set of perfect-looking wheels that fit perfectly!