Upgrade your life with a bigger set of wheels

Taranis helps you to find wheels and tyres even in complete sets that perfectly fit.


A completely new wheel-and-tyre experience.

Taranis is revolutionizing the high-end wheel-and-tyre retail market by putting the customer in the driver’s seat. In providing a frictionless online experiencing, Taranis makes it simple for the vehicle owner—that’s you!—to find and purchase the perfect set of “dream wheels”.

High-end brands recommended for every need and taste


G.M.P. Italia merges stylistic research and artistic flair to produce alloy wheels built from primary quality raw materials.


Brock’s alloy wheels are distinguished by their superior optics, perfect geometries, excellent stability and exceptionally long lifetimes.


Barotelli produces an elegant wheel with a strong, classic look that is instantly recognizable.


Spath offers “100% Made in Italy” quality products, using primary alloys, rigorous testing and continuous research.

How to order your upgrade

1 Enter your car details

We need to be know that the wheels and tyres you select will actually fit your car. Please complete this easy (but very important!) step at the beginning of the ordering process.

2 Browse wheels and tyres

This is where the fun starts! We’ll show you all the different sets that are a good physical fit for your car. It’s now up to you to select the wheels and tyres that fit the kind of statement you want to make with your upgrade. Are you going for classic and elegant? Daring and sporty? Sleek and modern? You’ll find what you’re looking for here.

3 Click and complete

Once you’ve selected a tyre type, we immediately calibrate the process for mounting the tyres on your designer wheels. Click “Buy” (select “TPMS” if needed) and then proceed straight to easy online payment to complete your purchase. You’ll never make an easier upgrade!

4 Get your package

Your new set of wheels and tyres, handsomely packaged, will arrive in just a few days. All that’s left to do before hitting the road in style is to head to your nearest garage to get everything mounted.