Are you looking for more information about tyres? In that case you are on the right page. Take a look below and you might find your answer. 

Which inch size is suitable for my car?

You can see the inch size on the side of your current tyres. But if you are gonna buy your tyres at Taranis you don't have to take a look. All you need to do is just select the right brand and model or enter your license plate number. We have already selected the right sizes for your car. 
Still a bit curious about the tyre sizes? Take a look below for more information. 
For example, the following numbers are on your tyre: 205/55R17 91W. 
The number 205 represents the width of your tyre. 
Number 55 stands for the height of your tyre. 
Number 17 represents the diameter of the rim. This is also your inch size. 
At last we have the load index and the speed index. Which is in this case 91W. This determines the maximum speeds at which the tyre can be used.

Summer tyres

Due to the profile and the composition of the rubber offers a summer tyre more advantages in the summer than winter or all-season tyres. A summer tyre is the safest of its kind in warm temperatures and improves the grip on the road. Thereby will the braking distance be shortenend. 

Winter tyres

Winter tyres perform better than the summer tyres at temperatures below 7 degrees. The rubber of a winter tyre is softer than the rubber of a summer tyre. This provides extra grip at lower temperatures. Not only on snow but also on wet roads. Please note that in some countries it is also mandatory to have winter tyres. Check this before you go on holiday. 

All season tyres

You can also choose all season tyres. The all season tyre has advantages over a summer tyre in the winter but also has shortcomings compared to a winter tyre in the winter. With all season tyres you have to adapt your driving style in both winter and summer. 

Run flat tyres

A run flat tyre is a tyre that is designed to resist the effects of deflation when punctured, and to enable the vehicle to continue to be driven at reduced speeds and for limited distances. Not all car are suitable for run flat tyres. These tyres are only suitable for cars with a TPMS system.