Do you have a question about the rims for your car? Take a look below and you might find the answer.

Which inch size do I have to choose?

You can easily find the right inch size by looking at the inch size of your tyre. But we have made it even easier for you. You only have to enter your license plate number or enter the brand of your car with the right model and you don't have to worry about anything. We have already selected the right inch size for you. All you have to do is choose the rims you like. 

Why should I buy wheel locks for my new rims?

We advise you to buy wheel locks if you want to protect your rims against theft. A special lock bolt will be mounted on each rim which can only be removed with a special key. This special key is included with your set of wheel locks. 

How do I clean my rims?

You can simply clean your rims with water and shampoo for your car. Are your wheels very filthy? In that case you can use a special shampoo for your rims. Just be careful with some cleaning products. There are certain cleaning products which contains very aggressive components. Don't let them soak in for too long and rinse them off with plenty of water.